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The skin of a woman amidst a second skin made of plastic, pushing our limits as humanity through our consuming hysteria of plasticizers causing damage to public health and the environment.


The human body, vulnerable in its nakedness and fragility deforms its limits as we deform the levels of environmental sustainability and global eco-logy, while plastic consumption expands, gaining territory in this new biological ‘war’. The monster we keep feeding is starting to eat us up.


'Aurora' is a story that reproduces symbolically human behaviors towards plastic and the increasing reliance on this material as a toxic addiction. This video dance renders as a visual parallel the effect of Bisphenol-A (basic component of plastic) that mimics human hormones by increasing the risk of various diseases such as cancer and childhood obesity, among others.


Aurora is a screaming whisper through the powerful combination of art and scientific evidence, reminding us all to start a new era, free of plastic.


Consuming plastic it consumes us.

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