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Despina Economopulu, is a filmmaker and audio visual artist of Greek Origin. She is currently based in Barcelona while also being active in other regions including London, Athens, Uruguay, Brazil and other Latin American countries. She works as a cinematographer and editor in independent productions of fiction, documentary, audio-visual installations and theatre while creating her own projects as a director.


She is particularly interested in capturing human emotions that translate and render socio-political dynamics in visual poetry and offer new perspectives. Her passion for visual storytelling and her vision of film as a tool of transformation urge her to create projects that embrace environmental and political issues through innovative and interactive prisms. Her work offers contemplation on the burning issues of our time intending to generate debate through hybrid projects that fuse different disciplines and push the boundaries of audio-visual language in stimulating ways for her audiences.


Part of her objective is to accompany the spectator in a journey of awareness that they complete together. Her films, videos and audio-visual installations have been showed in different film festivals, galleries and art festivals in Greece, Spain, UK, Italy, Brazil, Chile, USA, Cyprus, and Serbia among others, and she has won prizes and special mentions for her work.

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